The Shipping and Receiving, Buyer is responsible for shipping and receiving, buying, and source selection for all products and services procured at UMA Precision Machining.


  • Must be a team player as measured by his/her peers.
  • Put systems in place to ensure all products are received and shipped to internal and customer specifications 100% of the time.
  • Oversees incoming and outgoing shipping activities to ensure accuracy, completeness, and condition of shipments.
  • Determines space requirements and applicable positions for shipment in compliance with shipping specifications.
  • Performs and inspects operations to ensure compliance with shipping specifications.
  • Directs movement of shipments from shipping and receiving platform to storage and work areas.
  • Purchases materials or other goods and/or coordinates activities involved with procuring products and services, such as raw materials, equipment, tools, parts, supplies, and outside services.
  • Receives and reviews requisitions requesting goods or services.
  • Interviews and confers with suppliers to obtain product or service information, such as price, availability, and delivery schedule.
    • Develops and maintains approved supplier list (ASL).
  • Expedites orders and requests as needed.
  • Estimates values according to knowledge of market price.
  • Determines method of procurement, such as direct purchase or bid.
  • Prepares purchase orders with accurate pricing and lead time information and requests for quote with specific material requirement detail.
  • Reviews bid proposals and negotiates contracts within budgetary limitations and scope of authority.
  • Maintains procurement records, such as items or services purchased, costs, delivery, product quality or performance, and inventories.
  • Discusses defective or unacceptable goods or services with inspection or quality control personnel, users, suppliers, and others to determine source of trouble and take corrective action.
  • Keeps abreast of market trends, changes in business practices in the assigned markets, new or altered types of materials entering the market, etc..
  • May work with manufacturers or persuade potential suppliers to undertake the manufacturing of custom-designed items according to user’s specific needs and specifications.
  • May expedite delivery of goods to users.
  • Develop and maintain supplier score cards (quality lot acceptance and on time delivery).
    • Quality lot acceptance target at 100%
    • On time delivery target at 99%
  • Responsible for raw material inventory quality and levels.   Bottom of Form



  • Represent the company’s products, capabilities, and services externally to media, government agencies, funding agencies, and the general public.
  • Uphold any requirements of the Quality Management System that applies to the position





  • 3 to 10 years of progressive experience.
  • Bachelor’s degree and/or relevant industry buying and procurement experience.
  • Proven track record in buying and procurement.




  • Working conditions are normal for an office environment. Work may require occasional weekend and/or evening work.


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